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Heat Wave: Govt issues Guidelines to all Govt, Pvt Institutions of Kashmir

Srinagar, Jul 14 : Authorities on Thursday issued guidelines and do’s and don’ts to all the government and private educational institutions of Kashmir Division to contest the ill-effects of the heat wave.


According to the guidelines were issued as a precaution that all government and private schools have to be observed by schools to combat the ill-effects of the heat wave. The guidelines come at a time when schools are re-opening after the 10-day long summer break.


The Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK), Tassaduq Hussain said that the department while keeping in view the prevailing heat wave in Kashmir division may at times pose risk to the health of the school going children.


The heads of all the educational institutions of Kashmir division have been placed under strict instructions to adhere to instructions and guidelines issued by the department in this regard.


Following are the modifications, Do’s and Don’ts issued by the DSEK for students and staff


*Modifications in daily routines:*


Morning assembly should be brief and conducted in such an area or in classrooms where students are not exposed to direct sunlight.


Sports and other outdoor activities shall be adjusted in early hours. Care shall be taken during assembly and dispersal of students.




Overcrowding in school buses shall be strictly avoided and students as per seating capacity be carried in school buses.


Drinking water and first aid kits must be available in buses and the school buses or vans shall be parked in shaded areas.


Parents shall be sensitized to pick up the children personally wherever applicable.




Sufficient potable water shall be kept available at multiple places preferably in water coolers or earthen pots.


Students should be sensitized regarding proper hydration and advised to sip water at regular intervals.


Increased hydration naturally results in increased use of washrooms so washrooms need to be kept in clean and hygienic conditions.


*Food and Meals:*


Meals served to students under PM POSHAN must be served hot and fresh.


Students carrying food in Tiffin are advised to bring light food for lunch which would not become stale easily.


Lunch of the students should be checked before consumption.




Drink sufficient water even if not thirsty;


Use Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), homemade drinks like Lassi or lemon water etc to keep yourself hydrated. Cover your head by hat, umbrella or scarf etc. Stay indoors as much as possible. In case of illness or faintness, consult a doctor immediately.




Don’t go outside empty stomach or immediately after consuming food. Avoid direct sun especially in the afternoon. Don’t go outside barefoot. Don’t eat junk or spicy or stale food.







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