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Truck Plunges off Bridge in Jammu, Claiming Four Lives

Jammu, Oct 20: A devastating incident occurred in Jammu on Friday morning when a truck carrying four individuals plummeted from a bridge, resulting in their tragic demise.


An official told News Agency, the accident transpired on the Jhajjarkotli NH44, where a truck with the registration number RJ13GB/5654 lost control, collided with the bridge divider, and subsequently rolled off the bridge from a height of approximately 80 feet.


The official said that both the driver and conductor of the truck were instantaneously killed at the scene. Upon the arrival of the police team, two additional lifeless bodies were discovered and subsequently retrieved.


An official confirmed that a case has been registered, and further investigations are currently underway. At present, the identities of the victims remain unknown. Additional details will be shared as soon as more information becomes available. (KS)



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