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Letter From Students!



Asalamualaikum Sir,

I’m quoting this message on behalf of every student who’s in class 12th. We are in an acute depressed state of mind because of our Education board system that is JKBOSE. We haven’t attended schools since last year after scrapping of the article and least did we attended our tuitions just for two months and this pandemic occurred.

As you know we don’t have any 4g facility here and how hard it is to attend and online class on 2g internet service, even a large tweet don’t get uploaded on 2g how can they expect that we are studying through online classes? The students who are in CBSE board are given a notification before 5 months from this exams that are going to be held in march and CBSE has reduced 30℅ of thier syllabus and they did it with reference to which part is being deleted plus the students outside kashmir have 4g services too. They can easily prepare for thier boards with 30℅ syllabus reduction and with good internet. And here in kashmir we have been demanding to make a statement on our exams at least that are going to be held after one month.

We haven’t given any notice regarding our examination, they ain’t taking any step to reduce our syllabus. We all gathered on Twitter and did least we could do but we need support from media.

We demand relaxation in syllabus and delay in examination date so that we can also be fully prepared for our boards. Our mental health is at stake. Sir, I hope you take this matter to higher Authorities.

Karamat Ul Nisa
Thank you!




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