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“Smart Village Revolution”inaugurated at Kunan-Poshpura by Vajr division and Aseem foundation

Report by:Mir Arif

Kupwara:Smart Village Revolution Project was inaugurated at Kunan – Poshpora by joint efforts of Vajr Division and Aseem Foundation, Pune. Kunan Poshpura becomes the first Smart Village of this kind with this special project that shall bridge the gap between the government portals, government servants and an ordinary resident.

One of the children of Govt High school Kunan during inguaraution conveyed that “It is like having a dream, where you are entering a village with a free Wi-Fi connectivity. You connect your device to it and it directs you to a special website. Using the site, we can enjoy cartoons in infotainment module and joyously learn through animated videos”.

Using the website, Sarpanch (village head) can post his announcements and every villager is getting informed within seconds without physically visiting Panchayat Office. The site empowers villagers with all the necessary information of new welfare schemes, projects etc.

Apart from this youth will get all the information regarding the government schemes, job initiatives and various trainings by the government establishment for empowerment of youth. The website is not only entertaining with melodies but also broadcasts popular movies every month.

The Project was inaugurated by young students along with GOC, Vajr Division and Commander, Hajipir Brigade. The GOC, Vajr division conveyed that using the system the children, youth and administrative system of the village can make great use of it. Smart village revolution project is the first to be inaugurated in Kashmir valley.

Mr Sarang (Aseem Foundation) during the inguaraution described the benefits of the smart village revolution project and Kunan-Poshpora will become popular because of this project. Also he added that using Mesh networks in the project, can relay messages using either a flooding technique or a routing technique which makes them different from non-mesh networks. Moreover, mesh network is fully connected wired network and have the advantages of security and reliability.

The local people of Kunan and Poshpora collectively expressed gratitude to 41RR, Vajr Division and the Aseem Foundation for their vision and develop this hamlet.
Last but not the least, this smart village is waking up to New Smart Era in Kashmir – A step further with a brighter and smarter dream.



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