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KPDCL to take stringent measures against electricity theft

Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Oct 13: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) Friday said that though they are taking proactive measures for better power supply in the winter months, but will also take stringent measures against electricity theft.


Officials in the KPDCL told news agency that they are taking proactive measures to ensure a stable and reliable power supply for Kashmir residents in the winter months. “However we have recognized the pressing need to address the problem of electricity theft.The practice not only results in significant revenue losses but also hampers the quality and reliability of power supply to the law-abiding citizens of Kashmir,” the official said, insisting not to be named.


He said that KPDCL will launch an extensive campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects of electricity theft and the legal consequences for those involved.


“The campaign will include public service announcements, engagement with local communities. Residents will be educated about the vital role they play in reporting instances of theft and helping KPDCL maintain a fair and equitable power distribution system,” he said.


The official said that the Corporation is also enhancing technological capabilities to better detect and combat electricity theft. “This winter we will ensure that electricity is used judiciously and the system remains secure,” he said.


He added that to further deter electricity theft, KPDCL was actively working with law enforcement agencies to enforce strict penalties and legal actions against offenders.


“Stringent punitive measures, including heavy fines and potential imprisonment, will be implemented to dissuade individuals and entities from engaging in such unlawful activities,”.


The KPDCL official said that the electricity theft will no longer be tolerated. “By taking stringent measures and involving the community, the corporation aims to ensure that every citizen receives their fair share of electricity and that the Kashmir Valley can continue to thrive with a reliable power supply,”.

An official said that KPDCL was currently engaged in negotiations to secure extra electricity to fulfill the rising power demand in the winter months.


Notably, winters in Kashmir mostly pose significant challenges when it comes to electricity supply.

Kashmir experiences frequent power outages during the winter, primarily due to the heavy snowfall and extreme cold.


Snow accumulation on power lines and utility infrastructure leads to disruptions in the electrical supply.

The demand for electricity in homes and businesses increases during the winter season. This is primarily because of the need for electric heating appliances, such as heaters, electric blankets, and room heaters, to combat the harsh cold.


According to KNS, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has already directed the Power Development Department (PDD) to ensure adequate and reliable power supply during the coming winter season.


LG has directed for enhancement of sustainability and efficiency to ensure an adequate and reliable power supply during the winter season.


LG Sinha has also asked the officials for concrete measures to ensure maximum power supply to smart meter-saturated feeders and bring down the AT&C losses in these areas to single digits.

However the LG has directed the officials that the Power theft should be tackled through effective enforcement on the ground.


Electricity theft is a significant issue in Kashmir, which contributes to financial losses for power distribution companies.

Appealing to people to use electricity judiciously in morning and evening hours, the officials in the power department said that if the people cooperated with the department, the power curtailment is expected to be less in the winter months.


“The main two issues we face in the peak of winter is the use of crude gadgets especially heating gadgets and second service line, which is totally wrong. We want consumers to be cooperative so that we can give our best service”, they said.


“If people use electricity judiciously and pay as per the consumption then there won’t be power cuts,” the power department has maintained.


However the consumers have been complaining that the Power department has started massive power cuts in the valley.




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