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J&K’s longest flyover ready, waits for inauguration

Jammu, Oct 30: The construction of the longest flyover in Jammu and Kashmir has been completed and is awaiting a formal inauguration.


This 4.6 km long flyover is built on the Jammu-Akhnoor road and connects Kanal Head to Ganesh Vihar Mithi near the Directorate of School Education Jammu. Although it is complete, it has not been officially dedicated to the people.


The construction agency is waiting for a dignitary from the Government of India to formally inaugurate it.


A company, named Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited under the Union Ministry of Roads and Highways, is working on the road widening project which has a total cost of Rs 1,345 crore and has been divided into four packages.


The flyover has been constructed under Package II, while under Package III 60 per cent of the work has been completed.


General Manager of Project Monitoring Unit Jammu-Akhnoor S.P. Sangwan told the media that the Tagnesh Vihar Mithi flyover, the longest canal head in Jammu and Kashmir, has been completed very quickly and there has not been a single accident on it.


The construction work started in November 2018, which was paralyzed for almost two years as people from a few villages in Palura moved the High Court. The land of the flyover was transferred in January 2021. Despite shortage of manpower and material, oxygen cylinders for welding due to the global Covid epidemic, the company completed the entire work by September 15, 2022.


During this time, demolition of structures, relocation of water supply line, shifting of cabling of underground 11 and 33 kV VHT line were important works. The work was allotted to M/S Singhala Construction Company, which constructed the 4.6 km long flyover consisting of eight lanes, including four service lanes at a cost of Rs 274 crore.





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