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DEO Baramulla rebuts the allegations concerning permission granted for political activities

Baramulla, May 9:The District Election Officer Baramulla has rebutted the allegations made by Sh. Omar Abdullah concerning the permissions granted for political activities as baseless. The DEO has clarified that all the decisions regarding permissions to political parties are made with due consideration to security advisories and after consultations with relevant authorities.The rescheduling of political events on May 9, 2024, was necessitated by credible security concerns, as advised by SSP Sopore. Subsequent permissions were granted in line with revised security assessments and ECI guideline

Shri Javed Ahmad Dar, representing the J&K National Conference, had submitted several applications seeking permissions for specific activities during the electoral campaign. However, due to security concerns outlined by the Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sopore, all political events slated for May 9, 2024, were advised to be rescheduled.

Following a fresh assessment of the ground situation, the SSP Sopore provided updated recommendations, allowing political activities from May 10, 2024, onwards, subject to adherence to Model Code of Conduct (MCC) guidelines enforced since March 16, 2024.

Consequently, on May 9, 2024, permissions for certain activities, including the placement of flags on vehicles, were not granted as part of broader security precautions affecting all political entities.

It’s important to note that all permissions sought by Shri Javed Ahmad Dar were subsequently granted on May 9, 2024, based on the revised recommendations received from the SSP Sopore and ECI guidelines

The EC and relevant authorities are committed to ensuring the safety and fairness of the electoral process. Decisions regarding permissions for political activities are made following thorough consultations with various agencies, including district police, traffic police, and municipal authorities.



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