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BSF to train Kashmiri shepherds’ dog breed for CI operations, border patrolling

Jammu, Nov 30: The Border Security Force (BSF) has decided to train Kashmiri shepherds’ dog breeds for ongoing counter insurgency operations and surveillances along the borders in Jammu and Kashmir.


“The BSF’s National Institute for Dogs Training is an institute of excellence and right know we are promoting the Indian dogs breeds like Rampura hound, Rajapalayam Hound, and Mudhol Hound which we are currently under training,” said Director General of Border Security Force, Pankaj Kumar Singh during Annual Press Meet on its 57th foundation day, as per news agency.


He further added that in Kashmir, “we are in process to train Bakerwals (shepherd) dog breed called ‘Gaddi’, which is very impressive.”


“The ‘Gaddi’ hounds are very loyal to master, quick leaner and ably guarding the entire livestock in very harsh weather conditions, where others found difficult to even survive,” he said


The DG BSF said as per expert Dog trainers, the Indian dogs are quick learners and their probability of errors are relatively less than foreigner breeds. Once trained, these dogs will be introduced to the field for assisting troops on operations and patrolling activities at the borders.


“The Dog squads are very important component of security forces. In anti-terror operation in Jammu and Kashmir, the Dog team is the first responder in these operations. The success of these operations mostly depends on the highly trained Dogs,” he said, adding that “Along with the usage of High Tech equipment like drones and cameras in anti-terror operations, the trained canines from the dog squad are fitted with GoPro cameras and Walkie-Talkies used for giving commands to these dogs during operations. This has proven to be one of the main reasons for a safe way of carrying out the operation.”


He said that the Dogs from the Unit are sent first to detect the location of the hideout, the location of the hiding terrorists and detecting the arms and ammunition the terrorists are carrying.


“The cameras fitted on these Dogs are monitored through a control room.


These dogs are trained to enter the location of the hiding terrorists without getting noticed by terrorists. The dogs are also trained not to bark during these operations,” he said, adding that “if these dogs are noticed by the hiding terrorists and are attacked by them, the dogs respond with an attack too. The handler of the dog always keeps a strong vigil as to how the situation is.”


Forces use various breeds of Dogs in the Dog Units across India which includes Labradors, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Great Mountain Swiss Dogs. So far Indian breeds, Mudhol Hound is part of these units too, the DG BSF said.


These dogs are used for various purposes like guard duty, patrolling, sniffing explosives including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), mine detection, sniffing contraband items including drugs and attacking targets etc.


”We have eight major specialities of army dogs in the Indian army, they are used for explosive detection, mine detection, tracking, search and rescue operations, avalanche rescue missions and many other specialities which are as per the requirement,” he said.






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