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VPJ organised Interfaith glorification ceremony at Kheerbhavani Temple

Ganderbal, May 28: Reviving the cultural diversity and communal Brotherhood of ‘Kashur Batta-Musalmaan’ legacy, Social Voluntary Organization “Voice for Peace & Justice” organised colourful Welcome and cultural bonding ceremony at Mata Kheerbhavani Temple here in Ganderbal today.


On the special occasion of Annual Mela Khirbhawani-2023, ‘Voice for Peace and Justice’ (VPJ) besides making arrangements of free beverages and other assistance for the devotees, the organisation also held a special Welcome ceremony depicting the glory of interfaith “Bata-Musalmaan Milan”, which has been the real identity of Kashmiriyat over the centuries. A special stage was set where Kashmiri Muslims especially Imaams, Moulanas and other religious preachers & scholars with their arms wide open welcomed their Pandit brothers who thronged Mata Khirbhavani Mandir for the special prayers. The devotees were welcomed with garlands, flower bouquets, Traditional Noon Chai, Kehwa and other kashmiri traditional delicacies.


Disturbed by the unrest that emerged in early 90’s, majority of the Kashmiri Pandit families living in Kashmir got displaced and they had to leave their homes and other immovable properties behind. Mela Khirbhawani since then didn’t only keep Pandits inviting to their homeland but the centuries old fibre of interfaith and communal Brotherhood has been the greatest legacy Kashmiri people owe and share.


Mata Khirbhavani mandir is not just a place of worship for Pandit community but Kashmiri Muslims, Sikhs and people with other faiths equally regard and respect the majesty of this secred place. That’s where interfaith becomes the legacy of Kashmir and it ultimately makes Kashmir a unique place in the entire world.


Chief Patron VPJ, Farooq Ganderbali on the occasion welcomed Kashmiri Pandit and Muslim community members and emphasized on the importance of imparting the teachings of sufi saints and contribute to the glory and revival of interfaith.


He said “Kashmir has a unique identity. This place was known as “Peer Vaer” means the land of Sufi and Sants and it’s still the land with Peace, Brotherhood and Hospitality as it’s identity. Kashmir was evil eyed by the sponsored miscreants who tried their best to break and tarnish the social and communal fiber but they all failed because no matter whatever the circumstances are, Kashmir is incomplete without it’s Hindu-Muslim communal bond”.


Ganderbali added that this holy occasion gives Kashmiri Muslims heartfelt joy and Jubilations and they wait whole year to get to this day where they open their arms to hug their pandit brothers and the majestic Ragniya Devi witnesses the eternal bond full of faith and emotional love Kashmiri ‘Bata-Musalmaan’ carry for each other.


Pertinent to mention that soul of Kashmiri culture, Sufi Cultural folk music and song was restored and revived at this holy place after 3 decades. The cultural event sparked new hopes of peace and joy in the Valley.



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