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‘Strategic Conclave’ held to analyse ‘geopolitical equations’: Army

Srinagar, Oct 30: A ‘Strategic Conclave’ was held by army here on Sunday to analyse “shifting geopolitical equations” in the world in general and in India’s neighborhood in particular.


A defence ministry spokesperson here said that the Strategic Conclave was held at Fire and Fury Corps which was presided over by Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi, GOC-in-C Northern Command and attended by senior military officials of Northern Command.


“The conclave was held to analyse shifting geopolitical equations in the world in general and our neighborhood in particular,” the spokesperson said in the statement to news agency, adding, “These call for constant monitoring and reviews as they open up unprecedented challenges and opportunities for India.”


From the military perspective, he said, it requires brainstorming to come up with various options at strategic, operational and tactical levels.


“The conclave deliberated on a multitude of issues, at all levels, to develop a comprehensive understanding and arrive at logical courses of action”.


GOC -in-C, Northern Command, while addressing the conclave, highlighted the need for all to remain abreast of the developments in the neighbourhood and directed that such educative conclaves should form part of continuous learning at all levels, the spokesperson added.






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