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JK Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accuses Govt of harassing and suppressing its Employees on one pretext or the other

Srinagar, Aug 04: Additional Spokesperson PDP Mohammad Rafique Rather on Wednesday lashed out at LG administration for its failure to release gratuity, GP Fund, and other due amounts of retired and inservice employees of JK Government. Rafique Rather accused the government of deliberately harassing and suppressing the voice and rights of the employee class on one pretext or the other.


In a statement to Greater Now, Rather highlighted the dire situation faced by many retired and inservice employees, who are suffering from severe health ailments, serious domestic issues and have not been paid their dues weather Provident funds or retirement benefits such as gratuity etc and added that such employees are suffering badly for want of release and there seems no end to their sufferings because people at helm in particular Secretary finance behaves like a voiceroy and dont care to pay heed to woes and sufferings of employees in particular retired employees and is intentionally withholding their rightful funds. This not only adds to their financial burden but also deprives them of their well-deserved support during crucial times.


Moreover, Mr. Rather expresses deep concern over the mistreatment of teachers and their disempowerment, as they are subjected to fear and intimidation through “affright transfers” and conditional service requirements. As a former representative of the employees, Mr. Rather feels personally hurt by these actions and demands immediate end to it.


“In light of these issues,and zero tolerance to injustice being its policy, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) firmly states that it will not tolerate such shabbiness. The party intends to demand accountability from the failing government by asking for the release of a white paper detailing their flawed and authoritarian policies. We also believe that keeping rightful amount of a section that adds hugely to the economy of j&k withheld ,the govt intents to weaken the already falling economy of erstwhile state” Rather added


Rafique Rather said that the PDP stands with the employee class and emphasizes the importance of honoring the rights and entitlements of employees particularly of retired class who have served the state selflessly. The party believes that a just and compassionate administration should prioritize the welfare of employees, acknowledging their contributions to the growth and development of society.

Mr Rather urges the Lt Governor administration to immediately address these concerns and take prompt action to ensure the timely release of gratuity, GP Fund, and other pending dues and said the party calls for a fair and transparent system that upholds the principles of justice and equality for the employee class.


“Alongside all important issues pertaining to the common people of jammu and kashmir,The PDP also remains committed to advocating for the rights of employees and will steadfastly pursue appropriate measures to rectify the prevailing injustices. We determined to bring about positive change and create an environment that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals, particularly those who have dedicated their lives to serving the society.” He added



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